Let’s Face it,

No matter what product you sell, No matter what service you provide,

There are hundreds of others who provide a similar service or product you do. You may be the best at it.

But most online customers will only ever see information about you on your website. What others may lack in experience or ability to produce, they make up for in online credibility.

Here are a few tips to help you counter that problem.

Have Your Website Designed Professionally

First impressions are important If your site is largely blank with less content & poor design, it may spark a certain level of doubt concerning you and your ability,

You can find a professional web design company online that may also help you in designing your company logo if you don’t have one. Speaking of company logos,


While logos are certainly one of the last steps you want to concentrate on, they are in no way unimportant because they are part of your branding.

A professionally designed logo can become immediately recognizable (consider Coke, McDonald’s, and other companies) while a poorly designed one reflects poorly on your business.

Part of branding is a well-written biography explaining what you do and why. To increase the impact this bio (branding) of you and your company should be consistent and shared on the web in more locations than just your website.

This brings us to the next one, cast wide and long.

Cast Wide and Long

Your business is being discussed right now, whether you know it or not on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linked In. If you don’t have a presence on these sites, you need one.

Make sure the bio that you use for your business contains the keywords people use in web searches for your service or product.

If the bios on these social media pages have a link back to your company website, that will increase the chances of your website ranking increasing on Google.

When someone sees your site and that you are active on Facebook and Twitter as well as others, that person will know they can easily contact you if need be. And leaves us with one last tip:

Contacts are important!

Contacts Are Important When someone comments on your business Facebook account or uses a web form from your company website, they want an answer to a question.

The success of your making a new client is closely related to the speed with which you answer them back.

Make sure you immediately get back to them so you can increase those odds of gaining a new prospect.